Day: April 16, 2021

America’s Top 10 Food and Drink FestivalsAmerica’s Top 10 Food and Drink Festivals

The cuisine a place offers can say a lot about the culture and traditions of its people. And what better way to explore local cuisines than by attending food and drink festivals which showcase some of the finest local talents? These festivals offer the best platform for eateries to flaunt their dishes and delicacies. So, for any traveler, a food and drinks festival in any of the American cities mentioned below can be an amazing way to experience its culture and satisfy your gastronomical urges at the same time.

Top food and drinks festivals in US cities:

  1. New York City Wine and Food Festival: The Big Apple is well known for its food and drinks festival that is held annually in a flamboyant manner. You can expect to find hundreds of celebrity chefs here and some of the best New York wineries selling their stocks. Tickets for the NYCWFF are available for purchase online. Acceptance of Bitcoin payments is now in the pipeline and will be available soon. Customers will soon be able to use the “Pay with Bitcoin” option. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital money with no central bank or single administrator. It is a transaction-based currency that is speedy and safe. Auto-trading softwares that run on auto-pilot are used by a wide spectrum of people to improve their money. Examine the bitcoin superstar plattform 2021 reviews to learn more about one of the most reliable trading platforms, with an accuracy rate of around 89 percent. The software’s algorithm is capable of projecting Bitcoin price swings, which means there’s a lot of money to be made here.
  2. Taste of Chicago: This was started by a restaurant owners’ group to celebrate the Fourth of July. It soon became a huge hit offering local cuisines, fun-filled activities, music and entertainment for one and all. It brings together popular artists, celebrity chefs, and well-known faces, attracting tourists every year to Chicago.
  3. Chomp and Stomp Chili Cook-off and Bluegrass Festival, Atlanta: You can get a taste of the chili here in different spices and flavors. Once you have sampled the chili, you can take a walk through the festival to catch shows by bluegrass bands that perform in different parks.
  4. The Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival: This is held at the picturesque Miami Beach in Florida and is a 5-day gala with two programs hosted at the Florida International University. It brings together well-known personalities from the wine-making and culinary world and you can be a part of more than 80 events, which include classes, presentations, workshops, and dinner.
  5. Boston Seafood Festival: This city hosts a carnival of chowder, crustaceans and all types of sea food at the Boston Fish Pier for a day. You can attend cooking demonstrations, hand out at stalls selling sushi and lobster guacamole, and take part in oyster-shucking contests.
  6. Charleston Food and Wine Festival: This is hosted at South Carolina for raising funds for scholarships to those keen to take up careers in the hospitality and culinary industry. It is also a 5-day festival featuring wine makers, chefs, and authors; you can be a part of book signing events, food and wine tastings, and demonstrations.
  7. Seattle Street Food Festival: It is held at the South Lake Union district and is like a huge urban picnic, rather popular with both tourists and residents. Local chefs showcase their skills while the venue is filled with pop-up cafes and food trucks.
  8. A Taste Of Colorado: This happens in Denver, situated at the Rockies foothills, and brings a variety of cuisines annually in this festival aptly called A Taste of Colorado. It is a 4-day extravaganza that showcases the finest restaurants in the city displaying their offerings.
  9. Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival: LAFW has been around for 8 years and lasts for five days; it attracts a lot of media attention because of its celebrity chefs. It is hosted along the Grand Avenue, a popular cultural hotspot, and guests will be enthralled with the delicacies offered by the biggest names in the culinary industry.
  10. Picklesburgh Festival: It is held at Pittsburgh and offers pizzas, hot dogs, and burgers, obviously with pickles. This festival is centered on this city’s pickle history and brings together home cooks and professional chefs. The family-centered festival offers many fun-filled activities for families.